Ten Reasons Your Dad Wants Cookies this Father’s Day

March 20, 2016
cookie gift gold tin
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I was at dinner with some friends last week and the topic of Father’s Day gifts came up. Yep, somehow it’s June already and many of us are saying, “oh shoot! I need to get something for Dad!”  But how many shirts, ties and grill tools can you really buy one person in their lifetime?

From there we got into a pretty funny conversation about the plethora of generic Father’s Day gift options out there (along with all the horrible ones we’ve given over the years). So in the end, we decided Carol’s Cookies really are the best Father’s Day gift and here’s why.

1. This was his gift last year. While we appreciate the Seinfeld reference, you can do better than that!


Via ebay

2. You’ll never have time to bake this cake…and thank god because it doesn’t look edible.


Via CakePictureGallery.com

3. Your Dad will probably never look like this, so let him indulge a little.


Via express.co.uk

4. You’re too old for fart jokes…


Via Reddit.com

5. Or hand-making him a gift, for that matter.


Via Buzzfeed.com

6. He shaved his mustache in the 80’s and doesn’t get the ‘stache jokes


Via Etsy.com

7. He already has three sets of grill tools (and never uses them).


Via Housewaresandbeyond.com

8. Bacon is great, but really shouldn’t be used for anything else other than eating.


Via Papersource.com

9. You haven’t had time to save up for the hottest new transportation around.


Via EngineCrazy

10. Chances are he’ll take the ear/nose hair trimmer gift personally (even though we all know he needs one).


Via Vermontcountrystore.com

In honor of Father’s Day and graduation season this year, we’re offering 15% off online orders until June 15th when you use coupon code Dads&Grads2013!  Make this the Father’s Day that your Dad actually remembers!

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