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A small step for me, a huge step for my cookies

Growing up in Saginaw, Michigan, my mother taught me how to bake in our home kitchen. I spent 20 years perfecting my recipes — particularly my giant Chocolate Chip Cookies and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Friends and family raved about them, and eventually persuaded me to take a big risk: approach a local, upscale grocery store about selling my cookies. I spoke with the bakery manager, and promised to bring them a few dozen the next day to see if they would sell.

I stayed up baking all night and brought 50 lbs. of cookies to the store the following morning. In record time, all eight dozen sold out completely. The manager told me, ”Go home and start baking!” And from that day forward, my half-pound creations were known as Carol’s Cookies.

Carol's Story

A household recipe becomes a household name

By 1983, my cookies gained national attention. PEOPLE Magazine rated them the 4th best cookies in the United States, and many judges voted them ahead of mainstays like Mrs. Field and Famous Amos. It was an amazing honor considering that I was virtually unknown and baking out of my own home at the time. Because of the national attention, I started selling my cookies throughout the United States in upscale gift shops and epicure departments in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, New York and St. Louis.

In 1990, I knew that I wanted to get fresh cookies to my customers wherever they were. So I started offering gift packages sent directly from our bakery to ensure freshness and quality for people to enjoy at home and work. While the packaging has changed over the years, the recipes haven’t. We still use the same quality ingredients, and that’s how we’ve kept the homemade taste for over 40 years.

From my kitchen to every state

Today, Carol’s Cookies are still sold at upscale grocery stores, gift shops, and specialty shops throughout the United States in sixteen gourmet flavors all handmade in our bakery daily. We offer all fifty states the opportunity to order my handmade cookies online, to be delivered right to your front door in 48 hours or less. It’s no wonder that for over forty years Carol’s Cookies has been known as “More Than Just a Cookie….”

Try them for yourself and see. I promise that you cannot find a better cookie than mine anywhere.

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How we give back

Giving back to the community is important to us. Carol is a board member of Scleroderma Foundation of Greater Chicago, Gastro-Intestinal Research Foundation, and Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Foundation.

We also make regular contributions to Lurie Children’s Memorial Foundation, Feeding America, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation, and many local schools, community organizations, and charitable causes.

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Michael O.

Scottsdale, AZ
My mom was a great baker and we wanted you to know that your cookies are terrific. Thanks for selling your award-winning cookies in Phoenix!

Victor C.

Ann Arbor, MI
AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!! OMG!! BEST COOKIES EVER!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! Thank you so much.


Evanston, IL
I tried your cookies for the first time from Whole Foods. I bought several individually wrapped cookies – toffee chip, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin – and they are seriously the best cookies I have ever eaten in my life! I cannot wait to try more.