Serious About Our Safety Procedures

November 11, 2020
two bakers making cookies
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As each company, state and even city have their own unique lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures in place in the wake of COVID-19, we wanted to take the time to speak about our strict food and employee safety standards. Before the pandemic, we had always taken great pride in running the cleanest, most compliant facility by industry standards (we have the American Institute of Baking certificate to back it up). Since March, we’ve increased our safety standards to comply with all CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our employees as well as the handmade cookies we make are our top priority.

We want to take this time to highlight some of the regulations and precedents that we enforce to ease your mind when considering buying and consuming Carol’s Cookies.

Every employee entering the bakery has their temperature checked daily and monitored closely with weekly logs.
Since March we have not allowed anyone in the facility other than contractors and employees and have developed contactless procedures for pickup orders and deliveries.

All personal items brought in by employees are left in their lockers and do not enter into the production area.
There is signage throughout the entry, break room and production area promoting CDC guidelines like constant hand-washing and social distancing reminders.

  • All employees are required to wear face and hair masks, as well as adhering to social distancing rules being a minimum of 6-feet apart for prolonged periods of time throughout their shift in the bakery.
  • At the start of each day all tables and materials are disinfected and are continually sanitized every 4 hours or less.
  • Food safety is a top priority and protocol is closely followed to avoid any cross-contamination from major allergens. For example, dairy free, egg free products are made first. Then, all cookies made without nuts are produced, followed by cookies with nuts, with cookies with peanut butter made at the end of the day. All utensils, mixing devices, work tables and trays are washed and sanitized between each category of allergen hazards throughout the day as necessary.
  • Our employees always wear gloves that are disposed of and changed between every task or when a new cookie flavor begins, as well as clean aprons that don’t leave the bakery and are provided fresh every morning.
  • The safety team and management conduct weekly meetings with our staff to help educate and update them regarding current state and local guidelines.
  • We’ve always made each of our cookies by hand and are happy that by following the food and safety standards that we’ve always had in place with the additional guidelines from the CDC, we’re able to provide you with the homemade taste and quality our customers expect from us.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our health and safety standards or facility protocols, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can email us or call 1-847-831-4500.

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