Let’s Stop These Valentine’s Day Mistakes

January 28, 2017
old fashioned sugar cookies on clear plate
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Valentine’s Day is a difficult holiday to navigate.  If you just started dating, what’s an appropriate gift that’s thoughtful, but doesn’t scare them off?   If you’ve been committed to your partner for years, it might feel like another “Hallmark”” holiday just to get you to spend money…but you still wouldn’t want to show up empty-handed.  Whatever your situation may be, you’re probably searching for the perfect gift.  And maybe you think you’ve found THE perfect gift?  Good for you!

But…you haven’t.  We’re here to help…and to start, we have to tell you these Vday no-no’s so you don’t make a mistake and embarrass yourself in front of your loved one:

Name Tattoo

Woah, slow your roll.  Note to self:  Tattoos don’t wash off with soap and water.

Gym Membership

This is a slippery slope any way you cut it.  Odds are, if your significant other has any interest in a gym, they know where they can get a membership.   Would steer clear of this “thoughtful” gift.

Fatal Attraction DVD

Great way to motivate your loved one to enter the witness relocation program!  Sure, there are some racy and exciting scenes…but they definitely won’t outweigh all the, ahem, minor undertones of adultery and psychotic obsession.

Tandem Glove

Even if you are the most co-dependent couple on earth…the times when your partner would benefit from their own pair of gloves versus a shared set with you are significant.  And, if you’re not the most co-dependent couple on earth, this gift is as silly as a tandem Snuggie.

Heart Shaped Candy Box

Nothing screams last minute Walgreens drive-by more.


Out of the aforementioned gifts, this is probably the safest.  Except when your love bug shows up with a thoughtful gift for you on February 14th even though you both agreed on a strict “no gift” policy.  Try to avoid this uncomfortable silence at all costs.

So, we’ve made this easy for you.  A great gift, that’s not a huge investment but shows you’ve thought ahead.  A gift that won’t scare your love interest away, but won’t leave them wondering if you care.  And, best of all, a gift that you can enjoy as well…………


A large gift tin with 12 of our handmade, mouth-watering cookies, a small tin with 7 of our seven-ounce cookies, or a reusable latte cup filled with 8 of our Minis.  Any of our gifts will bring a smile to your partner’s face on Valentine’s Day, and a sweet treat for you will be waiting for you in return….hubba hubba.

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