The Crap In Your Cookies: The Secret Most of America Doesn’t Know

March 31, 2016
dairy free sugar cookie
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Our founder Carol Goldman has been known to say, “the best tasting things in life are things you can pronounce.”  Yet sadly, so many big food companies have lost site of this simple value.

Luckily, some of our favorite bloggers have not.  Thanks to blogs like Food Babe and 100 Days of Real Food major company secrets are being revealed to the masses. Did you know that some of the brands you trust most often contaminate their cookies with artificial flavors, GMO’s, carcinogens and even ingredients made from petroleum?

The last thing we need is a slew of mystery ingredients that could be harming our health and the health of our families too.  I mean, what in the world is Sodium Aluminum Phosphate and why would we ever want to eat it?

Cookies are a special treat meant to make life a little bit sweeter. And while our cookies may be a bit of an indulgence, we’re proud to say they are real. Our cookie dough is made up of only seven fresh, all-natural ingredients you can pronounce: butter, unbleached flour, pure cane sugar, brown sugar, farm fresh eggs, salt and vanilla.  To top it off, all of our cookies are handmade. This means they aren’t processed and jammed full of preservatives. As Carol tells her grandchildren, “It just tastes better when it’s real!”

Take a look at this chart published by Food Babe it will make you think twice about purchasing convenience cookie dough.

We’re very curious what you think: as parents and consumers, did you realize these cookies were so filled with chemicals? If this is in America’s mainstream cookies, what’s hiding in the other packaged items at your local grocery store?  We hope you will stand up for your health and choose the real thing next time you want a sweet treat!

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