Carol’s Corporate Gifts- The Ever So Personal Thank You!

March 31, 2016
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After our busiest holiday season ever, we were so thankful that not only do so many people send our cookies as gifts to friends, families, and loved ones, but also that so many corporations do as well to thank their clients and friends.  We wanted to reach out to the companies that come to us for their corporate gifts to get a better understanding of why they think of us and what we specifically deliver for them.

Why are Carol’s Cookies the perfect gift for your clients?

Carol’s Cookies is a personal treat to Flaherty’s Flooring- why would we not share this with our customers as a “Thank You!” for allowing us to be a part of their home.

-Flaherty’s Flooring America

The Carol’s Cookies experience is amazing.  Customers, coworkers and suppliers remember them for a long time! –Advanced Systems Group

While sometimes gifts are given during the holiday time, other companies choose to give a gift directly after a job was carried out.  Forbes contributor John Hall makes no secret how essential it is for businesses to stay top of mind with their clients.  So we asked,

Why is sending Carol’s Cookies to your clients/customers such an important step in your customer appreciation strategy?

Given that we have a very transactional business with relatively large number of customers, the gift giving process is an added assurance that the customer will hear from us after the (the transaction).  Customers are delighted to receive a gift that they don’t expect. Both the quality and size of the cookies adds to the value of the unexpected gift.  We frequently get thank you notes saying things like “you didn’t have to do that.” – Home Carpet One

Scott Hartley of Talk Business Magazine wrote his “5 Top Tips When Choosing Your Corporate Gifts” and his number one tip was to choose a gift that you would be happy to receive.  So naturally, our last and final question to our corporate clients was to:

Pretend you’re opening up a gift tin of Carol’s Cookies for the first time.  Describe your reaction in 20 words or less.

Overwhelming excitement at viewing the most delicious, inviting cookies I have ever seen.  The hardest part is deciding which type to eat because they are so big you can’t take two (not every time at least). –Home Carpet One

Mind blowing.  Memorable. – Advanced Systems Group

This will be difficult to do.  First reaction is “Ah”. The tins are beautiful and the personal note is just that, “Personal”. Then you wonder if the cookies can be as delicious as what you see.   That first bite is “Amazing!” So my 20 words or LESS are:

“Ah”; “Personal” and “Amazing!” – Flaherty’s Flooring America

Seems like they all would be more than happy to receive a tin of our cookies for a gift!

So, does your company send out corporate gifts?  What have you sent in the past and have you ever considered sending cookies?  Let us know:

If you would like to order your own Carol’s Cookies as a thank you gift or just for yourself visit our order page!

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