Carol’s Cookies Rescuing Your New Year Resolutions

March 31, 2016
large tin of cookies
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Promises, promises, promises.  Let’s be honest, we all make promises to better ourselves but not all of us follow through.  According to Statistic Brain– only 8% of resolution makers succeed, and this isn’t shocking anyone.  Starting just a few days into January 2016 and continuing throughout the month your newsfeed was most likely inundated with articles, compilations, and jokes about new years resolutions and how easy they are to break.  E! trolled twitter to find their favorite resolution breakers, Jimmy Kimmel dedicated a whole hilarious segment to it, and the New York Times attempted to debunk the myths surrounding your well-intended goals.

We’re not going to do any of that.

We’re going to take 10 of the most popular resolutions made every January 1st and make it easier for you…and show you how Carol’s can help!

Resolution #1. Work out more

Our cookies weigh nearly a half-pound each!  Let’s not discount the workout you get every time you bring one of our monster cookies to your lips – it’s some serious iron pumping.  But if you really want to step it up, hold two Carol’s Cookies in each hand and do as many reps of curls, rows, and shoulder presses as you can.  Then treat yourself with a sweet reward for all your hard work.

Resolution #2. Eat healthier, whole foods with ingredients you understand

Our cookies are handmade in small batches using only premium ingredients. Ghirardelli Chocolate, select California raisins, rolled oats, pure cane sugars and 100% real butter are a few things you will find in our handmade cookies. In fact, we still crack our own farm fresh eggs every morning.



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